1730 ~ 1780
rince Kalokuokamaile was the first born son of Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui, his mother was Kahikikala the Alii Aimoku of Maui. Kalokuokamaile was the eldest half brother of Kamehameha I.  He was born around the year 1730 and was a high chief of Kipahulu and other surrounding districts in Maui, he became a strong athletic chief and his main ambition was to make his people happy and content.  Because of his affection for his people, they all showed much appreciation toward him. Kalokuokamaile married Kaloiokalani of Maui and she gave birth to their only daughter, Princess Kaohelelani. Kalokuokamaile inherited his tabu “Ka po’o ho’olewa i ka la” from his mother, it signified the laying of the head towards the sun's position in the heavens from its rising unto its setting.   He would always take time out to travel the distance and observe his tabu with his mother, Kahikikala.
Kalokuokamaile died around 1780 after a rival chief named Kahekili planned to cut off the main water supply to his village.  This was to draw the chiefs outside of the village to obtain water, leaving them vulnerable to be ambushed, this war was called Kaumupikao.  In this war Prince Kalokuokamaile and the other chiefs fought against Kahekili in Kauwiki, where most of the chiefs were slaughtered and only a couple survived.  Kahekili's plan succeeded which stirred up Kamehamehas blood for revenge on Kahekili.