1736 ~ 1819
Kamehameha was already the conqueror of Hawaii, as well as Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai and Molokai. He moved across to Oahu and set at Waikiki and Waialae. In 1795, Kamehameha drove the warriors of Oahu's King Kalanikupule, up to Nuuanu valley as they plunged to their deaths over the Pali (cliffs), eventually conquering Oahu. Kauai and Niihau was never conquered by Kamehameha and was a sovereign kingdom under King Kaumualii. However, King Kaumualii placed his islands under the sovereignty of Kamehameha and the Kingdom of Hawaii was established under the rule of Kamehameha I in 1810. Although, the Kingdom of Kaumualii did not end until King Kaumualii's death in 1824.

Kamehameha Died on May 8, 1819 on the island of Hawaii, His son, Liholiho ascended the throne under the title of Kamehameha II.
Brothers and Sisters: 

Prince Kalokuokamaile
Prince Kealiimaikai
Prince Kalaimamahu
Princess Peleuli
Princess Piipii 

Queen Consort Kaahumanu,
wife of King Kamehameha the Great,  although they had no children.
       rom the House of Keoua Nui, Kalani Paiea Wohi o                  Kaleikini Kealiikui Kamehameha o Iolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kunuiakea, who became the most noted warrior and eventually conqueror of the whole Hawaiian archipelago, was born at Kohala on the big island of Hawaii. He was the second son of Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui by his second wife, she being his cousin Kekuiapoiwa, by lineage and blood, both paternally and maternally, Kamehameha was considered one of the highest of the high. From his infancy, Kamehameha always showed signs of bravery and a great desire for athletic contests, spear-wielding, ulu maika and other magnificent exercises of that period. He inherited the akua (god) Kukailimoku from his favorite uncle, the ruler, Kalaniopuu, brother of Keoua-nui. The significance of the name of the idol god bequeathed to him, "Kukailimoku" , the word itself meaning "I Conquer".

King Kamehameha the Great and Kalakua's children:
Princess Kahoanohu Kinau and Princess Kamamalu.

Queen Consort Keopuolani, wife of King Kamehameha the Great

Prince Liholiho Iolani (King Kamehameha II),
Prince Kauikeaoli (King Kamehameha III),
& Princess Nahienaena.
King Kamehameha the Great and Kanekapolei's child:
Prince Pauli Kaoleioku