1830 ~ 1872
  on of Princess Kinau (daughter of Kamehameha I) &
Mataio Kekuanaoa. Prince Lot Kamehameha was officially claimed eligible to the throne by the royal order of Kamehameha III. Although, he assumed the throne from his younger brother, King Kamehameha IV in 1863, taking on the title of Kamehameha V. He was known as the bachelor king, and loved to ride on his horse. The king did not believe in rude drunkeness and defeated a proposal to allow the sale of alcohol in the islands. He quotes,
"I will never sign the death warrant of my people"

The King riegned for 9 years before illness took to him. On his death bed, he summoned Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop to become Queen, but she declined, the king also asked Princess Elizabeth Kekaaniau, but she also declined.  Other names were offered such as Princess Emma, but the king died a short time after without naming an heir or successor.
This enabled the constitutional law to elect one of the 14  royal students from the Chiefs Children's School. The election was largely won in 1873 by Prince William Lunalilo from the House of Keoua nui, grandson of Kalaimamahu, Kamehameha I's brother.