he famous chief known in his time during the reign of King Kalaniopuu, his half brother, over the Island of Hawaii, as Keoua-nui, or Kalanikupuapaikalani-nui-Keoua. Keoua-nui was the son of Keeaumoku-nui, second son of Keaweikekahialiiokamoku, King of Hawaii, by his second wife, Princess Kalanikauleleieiwi, granddaughter of Iwikauikaua (whose celebrated kapu was the torchlight burnt at midday) and daughter of high chiefess Keakealani-wahine. Keoua's mother was Kamakaimoku, of the renowned family of chiefs of Kau, the I's.

This child was reared carefully with the utmost dignity due to his birth, for his father was a "Pio", which was considered among royalties as the highest rank in the realm. The blood running through his veins had come from Liloa and Umi in a direct line both on the father's and mother's side, connecting also with the royal families of Maui, Oahu and Kauai.  Keoua Nui was the father of Kamehameha the Great, he also had other children by his other wives. All his children portrayed a great part of Kamehamehas reign, 
Keoua-nui is the progenitor of the Royal Family of Hawaii.  
 The Royal Children of Keoua Nui  
Kalokuokamaile by Keoua Nui's first wife Kahikikala of Maui royalty. 

Paiea (Kamehameha) and Kealiimaikai by Keoua Nui's second wife Kekuiapoiwa II.

Kalaimamahu by Keoua Nui's third wife Kamakaeheikuli. 

Kekuiapoiwa Liliha by Keoua Nui's fourth wife, Kalola.

Sadly, the royal bloodline of Keoua's children are gone, except for one line. Today, the only surviving line of Keoua's children is the royal line of his first son, Prince Kalokuokamaile.   

When Kamehameha grew of age,  his father, Keouanui, died,  it is believed he was fed  koheoheo by Alapainui  in Hilo and was poisoned.    Keoua Nui's bones are hidden in a secret cave at the cliffs overlooking Kealakekua Bay.  The cliffs are named
 "Pali Kapu O Keoua"
 (The Forbidden Cliffs of Keoua).

 Kalaniopuu, Keoua’s  brother, was in the district of Ka'u, and moved forward with war  against Alapainui, afterwards war was waged upon the son of Alapainui, and he died near Kawaihae, and all of Hawaii Island became ruled by Kalaniopuu.  The ruler Kalaniopuu gave the war god Kukailimoku to Keouanui's son Kamehameha and he became
 King of all Hawai'i
 "Pali Kapu O Keoua" (The Forbidden Cliffs of Keoua)
            Kukailimoku (War God)
The ahu'ula and mahiole (feather cape and feather helmet) 
of King Kalaniopu'u, the brother of Keoua Nui