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The Royal Boarding School was founded in 1839 and was built on the lot where the old barracks use to situate, in back of Iolani Palace, where the State Capital of Hawai'i now stands. The school was created by King Kamehameha III and was originally called the Chief's Childrens School, the purpose was to groom the highest ranking chief's children of the realm and secure their positions for Hawaii's Kingdom. 

King Kamehameha III knew that if he did not have any children, he would have no successor, so he created a law whereby the sovereignty of the islands after the passing of the Kamehamehas or if there were no successors appointed for the throne, there was to be an elected monarchy selected from the royal children.

King Kamehameha III called on seven boys and seven girls of his family to board in the Royal School, officially 
proclaiming that they were all eligible for the throne by the Constitutional Laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

These are the royal children and future rulers that 
King Kamehameha III claimed eligible to the throne: 


Princes' and Chiefs of Rank who are Eligible to the Throne
Amos Star Cooke, Instructor 
of the royal children
His Majesty
King Kamehameha III
Royal Pew with a portrait of Princess Bernice Pauahi
Royal School
From the sister of Kamehameha III, selected were Princess Kinau's children, Prince Lot (became King Kamehameha V),  Princess Victoria Kamamalu, Prince Moses Kekuaiwa & Prince Alexander Liholiho (became King Kamehameha IV). 

From his brother, Ali'i Pauli Kaoleioku, selected was his great granddaughter, 
High Chiefess Bernice Pauahi and great, great grandson, High Chief William Pitt Kina'u.

From his father's younger brother, Ali'i Keali'imaika'i, selected was his great, great granddaughter, High Chiefess Emma Na'ea Rooke and great great grandson, High Chief Peter Young Ka'eo. 

From another younger brother of his father, Ali'i Kalaimamahu, selected was his 
great grandson, High Chief William Charles Lunalilo (became King Lunalilo).

From his father's eldest brother, Ali'i Kalokuokamaile selected was his 
great granddaughter, High Chiefess Elizabeth Keka'ani'au La'anui.

From his grandfather's cousin, a direct line from one of the royal twins, Ali'i Kame'eiamoku's great great grandchildren, selected were, High Chief David Kalakaua (became King Kalakaua),
High Chiefess Lydia Kamaka'eha 
(became Queen Liliuokalani)
and High Chiefess James Kaliokalani.

Also from his grandfather's cousin, Kahekili, daughters of Liliha III and Namaile 
were the High Chiefess Jane Loeau Jasper and Abigail Maheha.

High Chiefess Mary Pa'a'ania was the daughter of Kekela and Henry Lewis.  
Drawing of the courtyard of the original Chief's Children's School as described by 
Princess Elizabeth Keka'ani'au La'anui
Plaque placed in Kawaiaha'o Church with the listing of the royal students.
Altar of Kawaiha'o Church
West Minister, Kawaiha'o Church was the church of the chief's in the early 1800's.  The royal pews was where the royal children from the Chiefs Children's School sat on Sunday services.  They would enter the church in a procession to the pews with their paired partners
Elizabeth Kekaaniau Laanui
Moses Kekuaiwa
Alexander Liholiho (King Kamehameha IV)
Lot Kamehameha (King Kamehameha V)
Victoria Kamamalu
Emma Rooke (Queen Emma)
William Lunalilo (King Lunalilo)
David Kalakaua (King Kalakaua)
Lydia Kamakaeha (Queen Liliuokalani)
Bernice Pauahi
Jane Loeau Jasper
Abigail Maheha
Peter Young Kaeo
James Kaliokalani Kapaakea
William Pitt Kinau
Mary Paaaina
was later admitted