1835 ~ 1874
        ing Lunalilo was officially claimed eligible to the throne by order of Kamehameha III. He was elected King by majority of the people of Hawaii after the passing of King Kamehameha V.
He was a direct descendant of the younger brother of Kamehameha I, Prince Kalaimamahu. 

Unfortunately, the king died a little over a year after he took the throne, he did not name a successor.  This enabled another election of a new monarch again and High Chief David Kalakaua was elected by the legislature and became King on February 12, 1874. 

Lunalilo left his vast estate to care for the elderly Hawaiians, known as Lunalilo Homes.

Genealogy of King Charles William Lunalilo 

Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui married Kamakeheikuli, they had one child, Kalaimamahu.

He married Kalakua, they had one child,
Princess Miriam Kekauluohi.

She married Kanaina they had one child,
Prince William Charles Lunalilo .
Charles Kanaina